By Justus E. Taylor

171 Words

Copyright 2008 by Justus E. Taylor


        "What" and "when" are forever racing.
        Either one can lead sometime.
        But there's always the risk of displacing
        One's public image of being new and prime.

        Will a St. Peter ask about all that you've done?
        A porno flick is for adults only.
        Don't take a drink before age twenty-one.
        But at coupling time perform aptly.

        They have changed all the signs from "used" to "pre-owned."
        But they couldn't lie and say, "pre-owned" but never used.
        Because there's very little market for "over-blowns."
        Who knows whose past deserves to be excused.

        We are just billions of names,
        Looking for somebody who'll love us.
        Trying to get through it all by avoiding pain,
        Gambling on finding the right prospectus.

        But "that happened before we met."
        Has become the standard weigh-in,
        To hide the button that says "re-set."
        Or the game could never begin again.

        A search for untouched body parts,
        Would be all too frustrating and cold.
        Our years together, with honest hearts,
        Will touch the virgin parts of our souls.