By Justus E. Taylor

122 Words

Copyright © 2007 by Justus E. Taylor

        For real, I can always be
        Your favorite fantasy.
        Just give me a chance
        To show you my dance.

        For real, I'll be crude or sweet,
        So all your thrills can be complete.
        I will repair,
        Any mask that you tear.

        Your dreams will show signs,
        Of what your libido designs.
        I will play the roles,
        Knowing they are your very soul.

        For real, a happy funeral there can be,
        Celebrating the death of love's sworn enemy.
        Performance anxiety, killed with glee,
        Unleashing our sacred creativity.

        So dream again now,
        And prove that we are free
        To feel the passions
        Seen only in the movies.

        For real, passions of you and me,
        Swaddled in our fantasies,
        Each other's trusting sanctuary,
        Real, incredibly.


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