By Justus E. Taylor

290 Words

Copyright © 2007 by Justus E. Taylor


        Back then I still wondered
        What you were thinking
        When I was thinking,
        That I might blunder, and not seduce you.

        Were you more willing than I supposed
        Or just waiting to cut me down?
        Wanting only to see my ego exposed.
        So you could brag of being so renowned.

        A "Retro Reader" seemed the best means,
        The flip side of a fortune teller.
        A mystic who could trace the schemes
        Of those who nearly knew me as a lover.

        By strobe-light she steered me back,
        To when you and I were on our last date.
        While we swore to abide the physical lack
        That separate colleges would necessitate.

        The "Reader" probed your mind as it was then.
        She said you had been wishing that I'd be more bold.
        She smiled at me as I shrank within,
        As I first saw my mistakes untold.

        Perhaps that's where it always goes wrong,
        Where the boy gets stuck between carnal and caring.
        Where the girl wants to see him masterful and strong
        But also that he's sensitive while daring.

        So then I asked that it be clearly stated,
        What if only we had mated?
        "That's a question I cannot master" she said,
        "It never happened, so it can't be read."


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