My Paintings

By Justus E. Taylor

164 Words

Copyright 2009 by Justus E. Taylor


        Reality rejects disguises.
        All relationships end,
        Either by a demise
        Or because they offend, otherwise.

        Eternal life's duration
        Would not prevent,
        A relationship's cessation.
        Since usefulness must justify time spent.

        Like one shoe needing another,
        Time and place decide what's missing.
        If chance says it's not worth the bother,
        The relationship starts melting.

        But all's not lost when the end is near.
        The relationship started as a canvas clean.
        A parent, lover, friendship dear,
        Dazzle your audience with colors unseen.

        Grace, intelligence, humor and truth,
        Are all needed to create an artistic scene.
        Show an abundance of respect and cooth.
        No matter that the other returns only mean.

        To end a relationship is your sacred right.
        When it's clear that quality can not prevail.
        Time will end it anyway, despite,
        The greatest hope that it would not fail.

        A big splash of color is most fitting.
        "New Orleans funeral" from the heart.
        Fireworks, that proclaim the quitting.
        An ending as glorious as the start.