By Justus E. Taylor

822 Words

Copyright © 1997 by Justus E. Taylor

       "Do you love me, Buck?"

       "Yes, I love you, Erika!"

       "Let me up. I have to get up and get dressed."

       "Why? We haven't done anything yet!"

       "I know, but if you love me, you've skipped over too many things you're supposed to do first!"

       "Like what?"

       "Well, you haven't taken me out and spent a lot. You haven't bought me any jewelry, or even flowers, or taken me out in your father's car, if he has one, and let me guess whether he's rich. You didn't even beg to go to bed with me. You just asked!"

       "Ok, ok, let's pretend I said I don't love you. Now let's do it!"

       "Will you tell anybody? Any of the kids at school?"

       "No! Of course not. I'm not like that!"

       "Let me up. I have to get dressed."

       "Why? What's wrong now? Ok, I'll tell everybody!"

       "I said let me up!"

       "Why? You don't want me to tell, after all?"

       "Who will you tell?"

       "I'll tell the guys I know?"


       "I'll tell the girls too?"

       "Let me up!"

       "No! No. I didn't mean that. I'll tell the guys but not the girls. Right? Ok, but why?"

       "You mean you don't know why?"

       "Well, no. But I've been around a lot, just the same. Don't forget, I'm on the football team!"

       "But I don't know if I should tell you the reason."

       "Just tell me. I promise I'll still like you."

       " 'Cause if you tell the boys they'll all try and get some too and I'll be very popular. But if you tell the girls they'll call me a slut, but they'll sleep around too, scared I'll get married before they do. So then I'll have a lot of competition."

       "Oh. I see. I think. Now let's do it!"

       But do you know what you're doing?"

       "Of course I do! You're not the first girl I...I mean, sure!"

       "Tell me what you're supposed to do."

       "Ok, ok, I won't say I love you. I won't beg for it, just ask, and I'll tell the guys but not the girls. See? Let's go!"

       "Are you forcing me to do it?"

       "No, of course not! I care about you. Not that I love you though. I mean I respect you."

       "Then let me up. I have to get dressed."

       "No! No! I'll force you. What do you want me to do?"

       "Ok, say 'If you don't do it, I'll hurt you bad."'

       "I don't know. Then you could have me arrested for rape."

       "I'd never do that. It'll be our secret--that the first time you forced me to do it."


       "Say it!"

       "All right. If you don't do it I'll hurt you bad. There. (Sigh) Now...."

       "Suppose you make me pregnant?"

       "I won't. I'll use this condom."

       "I've heard they break sometimes."

       "Not this one. Anyway, I promise I'll go easy. Now ...."

       "Maybe that's how God will punish me."

       "What do you mean?"

       "I mean I'll get pregnant and my parents will find out what I did."

       "Don't worry, if you get pregnant we'll get married. Ok?"

       "But we can't get married!"

       "Why not?"

       "Don't you know?"

       "No, why not?"

       "You don't love me!"

       "But ...."

       "Shhh, let me up. I think I hear somebody walking."

       "You can't hear anybody. Nobody's home."

       "Are you sure? Maybe your brother is home from school."

       "Naw, he goes to soccer practice after school. Anyway, he knows better than to walk into my room."

       "Why? have you had a lot of girls in here?"

       "Nope. You're the only one."

       "Then let me up. I have to go!"

       "What? Are you crazy? What's wrong with what I just said? I thought you'd like that!"

       "If I'm the only one maybe I'm making a mistake. I thought all the girls were after you."

       "No! No! No! No girl would say that!"

       "I'm telling you she will. Trust me. I'm a woman, a real woman. I know what I'm talking about. These young bitches nowadays will break your balls and give you nothing. Believe me, I get calls .... So why don't you let me tell you what I'm wearing--what I can do to you?"

       "Naw, that's ok."

       "Are you worried about the phone bill? Say, are you really eighteen? Are your parents going to raise hell about the phone bill? Huh?"

       "No, I don't think so. My father calls nine-hundred numbers all the time. He'll think it was one of his calls. My mother never says anything to him about them. She doesn't care."

       "All right, so I can still tell you what I'm wearing and all the things I'll do to you. Let me ...."

       "Naw, that's ok. You've helped me a lot. But if things don't work out, then maybe you can tell me...."

       "Ok, good luck on your date after school."

       "Thanks. Bye."



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