Born in Boston, Mass, I have lived primarily in New York State. I have worked as a bootblack, a venetian blind assembler, a tool room clerk, a delivery boy, an Army PFC, a social worker, a claims examiner, an investigator, an urban renewal field representative, an attorney, a housing development associate, a director of housing development, an executive vice president for housing rehabilitation, a principal mortgage insurance underwriter, vice president of a major commercial bank and finally, as vice president of a New York State mortgage insurance agency.

       Two marriages, two divorces and then the last thirty-five years with Anita, the woman I was meant for. Father of three: two grown-up lawyers and a regular person.

       Retired at age fifty-four, becoming a published writer with short stories appearing in ART TIMES, STARSONG, CHILDREN CHURCHES AND DADDIES and short stories accepted for publication by CHAPTER ONE, and ONE WAY TICKET. Now living in, very green, Upstate New York.

       Since this was written Justus E. Taylor has passed away in October, 2010. The family wants to share his writings and keep the website active.

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