Good Manners

By Justus E. Taylor

116 Words

Copyright 2009 by Justus E. Taylor


        My boss never says "thank you" to me.
        He feels entitled because he pays me.
        I hate him!

        I never say "thank you" to my wife
        for the meals
        for the clean clothes
        for the clean house
        for taking care of the kids
        for growing the flowers.

        My wife never says "thank you" to me
        for taking out the garbage
        for mowing the lawn
        for removing the snow
        for protecting the family
        for fixing things

        My wife feels entitled because she keeps house.
        I feel entitled because I pay the rent.
        Our kids always say "thank you" because we want them
        to show good manners.
        I think I hate my wife.
        I think my wife hates me.