By Justus E. Taylor

142 Words

Copyright © 2008 by Justus E. Taylor


        He sought virginity.
        I sought security.
        He settled for offspring.
        I settled for his caring.

        He gave me protection.
        I gave him children.
        He gave me attention.
        I gave him affection.

        He forgot that without soil tilling,
        He couldn't use the child labor.
        He then switched to instilling,
        Great respect for the "gift of life."

        We depended upon the childrens' giving,
        But they preferred disappearing.
        We pitied ourselves for their rearing,
        But had they ever chosen their making?

        True, we could have done less for our progeny,
        But we hoped they'd get a sense of duty.
        Too bad, we guess, they chose to be free,
        From obligations acquired unwillingly.

        Our mental "bill collector" quit in confusion.
        Who owed what to whom was its great burden.
        On what from their children will our children count?
        Can getting nothing but respect be the right amount?