Amount Past Due

Loved the new poem. It was somber, but very poetic. The poem seems to accept that the rewards (having children) may be meager, and it doesn't blame the children for not measuring up.

My thinking about this issue is our children owe us nothing; they owe their children the same gift of unconditional giving. This way life goes forward not backward.

Very, very true. This is the cross every parent has to bear-doing whatever they can for their upbringing - and hope for at least a modicum of respect from their progeny.

...these offspring we bring into the world can be little copies of us or they can totally be what they want to be without owing us parents anything. Love is freely given by us to these little ones without a price held over their heads that they owe us for doing it.

Ha Ha! You must have been at our house for the holiday. We oldsters do all the buying, cooking and cleaning up while the kids think they're doing us a favor just for showing up.

Respect? Yes!

Your poem reflects pretty much how society is these days. You do an amazing job on your stories and poems.

I thought I would tell you I read this poem and it is really neat how you put it together to tell a story about how life is these days.

I read your latest poem, "Amount Past Due?" and I think you have a lot of talent.


"I really enjoyed your short story about 'The Home.' I am even putting you in my favorites. You are good!"

"Maybe lonely old people started out as lonely young people or never learned to reach out in their business. Moral of the story...some people aren't worth listening to...."

"Love the new story. I will forward this to my friends in Florida who will surely think this kind of thing can only happen in N.Y. As to why old people don't talk to one another...the people are just like you describe."

The Conspiracy of '72

I enjoyed the story of you and Anita and the Great Plot to put you together...ha! There are no such things as coincidences--you were READY for the "lures."

"What a nice way to have memories of a time that meant so much to you and to join it with what was happening in the world around you at the time."

Gosh, I have never analyzed any of my relationships before (at least not in that detail). Knowing Anita I can imagine she was delighted about the comment "..."

I really enjoyed your story of how you and Anita got together. Makes you stop and think, and think.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your story.

"I read your 'Conspiracy of '72' story and enjoyed it so much. Anita is very lucky to have a story written about your romance with her."

"The Conspiracy of '72' is wonderful. I love the way your story of falling in love is interwoven in time and memory and also the whimsical tone and humor you use in narrating it."

"That was a special story. You showed how much you wanted the woman you loved to be with you for the rest of time, and it happened."

I just got done reading your story The Conspiracy Of '72. What a great story! I am so happy for you two having found each other. Thank you for sharing your stories with us on the Internet.

"Justus: It's an awesome story. You are a wonderful writer!!! Hugs!!"

I just read Conspiracy of '72. What a great plot for romance! I don't think it was coincidence - - it sounds like it was meant to be!

Just read one of your stories....The Conspiracy of '72. You are a fantastic writer. You have a great sense of humor with your just flows so perfectly. Thanks for allowing me to read this.

"You two are meant to be together. As I was reading, it actually brought tears to my eyes."

"I really enjoy reading your stories and will keep coming back till I've read them all. Keep 'em coming!"

"Wow. What a story. Coincidence? One may never know the true answer."

Justus, this story was absolutely amazing, I loved it...What insights you have, your writings are wonderful!

I enjoyed reading The Conspiracy of '72. Justus was a deep thinker. He really loved you, Anita. You were meant to be together.

The Counselors

The story about the attorney representing the murder suspect and the missing evidence made me shake in my boots!

I was very impressed with the first story I read and will return soon to read the others. Great composition, suspense, and conclusion. I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a great way for him to get restitution for his own mothers death. You have a gift...keep writing.

I really enjoyed this story, kept me interested the whole time, also got a goof feel of each character and I loved the surprise ending.

Your story The Counsellors was very witty, it reminded me of some of the old Alfred Hitchcock stories I used to watch as a kid. Fiction is good stuff. What a good twist

I like your story. Being involved in Domestic Violence myself, I found it interesting that Ralph released his hate and guilt by making sure another offender received consequences that the killer of his mother did not.

I enjoyed the counselors. The ending was a real surprise, had no idea at all that would be the choice he(Ralph) would make. Both my husband and I enjoy very much reading your stories.

WOW Justus are you going to write a book some day? I loved the suspense and I also liked the twist at the end. You sure have a talent for developing your characters in such a short story. Incredible!

Wow Interesting twist in this story. Moral of the story is; two wrongs don't make a right.

Yes - I think liars do have to depend on others to be truthful to have their schemes work out....but I question whether all liars believe others can be truthful.

Death Smiles

This was a good story. I do believe that death involves some kind of conciousness and not for any particular religious beliefs.

I thoroughly enjoyed your short story. I found the subject very interesting. So interesting, in fact that I think this story could easily be broadened into a novel. I do believe that there is an ongoing consciousness while someone is dying. Many have dreamt of attending their own funeral.

Yes, I truly believe in a level of conciousness after death. I have experienced the return of some of my own deceased family members, so I know for a fact that it does exist. Very interesting and riveting story!

I am from a religious background, so I believe in Heaven and Hell. I really enjoyed the short story. I don't really know if I believe that someone would come back like that. I do believe that angels do watch over us, and so forth. Anyways, I enjoyed the story.

Hi! I read your story, and yes I believe death has ongoing sensations. Will read more stories later!

Just thought I'd send a note to say I read all your stories in the site and enjoyed them. The one I liked best was Death Smiles. Keep writing and I look forward to reading them.

This story held my interest. Well written with the action moving at a good pace. There were some fundamental truth disclosed. But I really don't believe there is "active' thinking once dead. I think there is a complete blackness with no awareness at all. But it is really peaceful.

I really enjoyed your story, and yes I think consciousness continues after death. I don't know why, it just seems logical. Sometimes I yearn to play among the stars again.

Read your story, very interesting. Really got me thinking. What you wrote about death is so true. Good story!!!!

This was great Justus!! I enjoyed the story and the irreverant nature of the dead guy...dead guys can tell the truth because what else can you do to them then! I think death does involve ongoing consciousness because of personal experiences.

I really liked "Death Smiles." Made me think about how people feel and react when they attend funerals. I also feel that our spirits live on. The story really held my interest.

Hi, I LOVED this story! It was really fun and gripped me from the very beginning. Yes, I absolutely believe that death involves ongoing consciousness. Thank you for the entertaining story!

I just finished reading 'Death Smiles'. I really liked this story. You have a very creative ability in weaving very interesting and thought provoking stories...:).

"I am not sure about the consciousness part of death. I really think once you are are gone."

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