"That 'Misers' story was so entertaining. I loved reading about so much dysfunction. It made me laugh out loud."

"I liked the new short stories, but enjoyed "Misers" the most. Loved the irony."

I loved the story and sent it on to my brother. He was always too busy to chase girls, so they chased him.

My Hero

What is the most important test of a man? Compatibility is the best thing, but a vague thing that can't be defined in small ways. For me it is to try to understand a woman's heart or at least make the effort.

Justus, ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! And so very real!! I wish more men realized that most women would be happy with a normal, down to earth MAN. No one wants or expects a god or a hero. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face.

Enjoyed the poem-there sure are a lot of guys pretending they can do all that. Good job.

Interesting poems of "Dishonesty" and "My Hero." Very different view on being human.

I just read "My Hero." Great Poem. I always enjoy reading your work.

My Paintings

"Like we need each other until then, when all heck breaks lose and (we) might as well celebrate...! Very thought provoking. I liked it.!!"

The Past Revealed

"In 'The Past Revealed' this was a neat poem....Men are more sensitive than I thought.
What a well guarded secret!"


"On 'Reality,' I thought wow you lover you and lucky Anita! Lo! 'Crude and sweet' a nice combo to prevent boredom. This was a great poem...."

(Reality) "I love the poem."

Ms. S. Steem

I really like the way the time periods moved forward in the story with the imagination of the reader. The characters, were so down to earth and real. I especially like the mother, she realized early on that they were spoiling Sue, and if it wasn't taken care of life was going to be difficult for her. I liked the way also, how any ethnic background could relate to the story, All in all I'm happy to have read it and it is still on my mind.

Interesting story. Can't tell you exactly what age I was when I decided "stardom" was not for me, but it was when I realized that big stars had no privacy, can't go to amusement parks, nor shopping centers, etc. I decided then that I would prefer to be really really rich, but not


Some people need to feel more special than others. It's a matter of sensitivity and self-confidence, I think.


"I got a chance to read your poem Surrogate. It really makes you think, as do all the stories I have read of yours"

Some highly thought-provoking stuff. Perhaps humans have love genes, but life interferes one way or the other. Perhaps a mother would throw herself in front of a car to shield her child, instictively, but would be less inclined to do so if she were struggling on welfare and could not feed the child. I believe that love for an offspring is to a large extent learned behavior.

"Thanks for a sensitive poem which was heartfelt. Forgiveness is not easy but we are all human on paths to wholeness somehow."

Treasure In Park Slope

I don't think marriage has anything to do with the responsibilities of a relationship. If the love is true, the responsibilities are going to be shared mutually without one having to ask the other. I liked this story better than all the others!

I particulary liked this story because it seemed like the couple was so in love and enjoyed each others company. I think that the institution of marriage is wonderful and bonds two people together. However, it is that same bond that can also turn lives into a prison. All too often people stay together simply because they are married, yet if they were just living together, they may be more apt to leave when they are unhappy. In the end, I guess the most important thing is loving yourself first and then finding a mate to love.

A very good story Justus, But I believe in the sanctity of marriage, and people get old and die, whether your married or not. And having a dog, or any kind of animal, well they die too. It hurts, but its life, and you just get another pet.

You really have a way of grabbing one's attention. I hardly could wait to find out how the story ended.To answer your question, I'd have to say that responsibility most definately increases with Marriage! It's kind of ironic that I chose this story to read because I was just pondering this very question about my own marriage. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Marriage I think forces you to look at your own issues which is the most painful thing to do. Having a dog is being totally adored just as you are. Although being totally adored feels good, you might not learn much. Great thought, provoking and entertaining story!

Marriage can increase or decrease the responsibilities in an existing love relationship. It depends on the two people involved and actually, it may increase for one and decrease for the other person! For some, it may not change a thing.

"I find there are good arguments on each side of getting married....or not"


Really hated the guy in this story. But I loved the end results. A good moral to this story. Good Story!!!!

That is what I enjoyed about your story the realism and the difference of the situation. You have great talent keep up the great work:) As I read I felt pulled into your story. Your writing is captivating and I very much enjoyed this story.

I guess men and women can both be "rapists," not in the physical sense, but I think it probably doesn't take much for some men to feel violated when a woman is too forward, especially if she's not desirable in any way.

"Maybe not all rapes are sexual. Interesting story...Yipes, makes you think...! The descriptions were vivid and creative."

"Just finished reading this. An eerily surreal account of how a violator can become violated."

"I liked this story and I really do think men and women can both be raped."

What And When

Just read the new poem. Another clever gem--well constructed and full of observation.

Liked your poem a lot. I think this makes me feel hope. Thanks for your poem!

"This was so profound and wonderful"

"I plan to continue reading until I finish every last one of your stories and poems! I enjoy your writings!"

(children) are well aware of it (sex) sometimes by kindergarten, and sadly for the older, it is not love, but sex or lust. I don't think they even realize it can and should be a form of love.

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