Your story is very clever. If only we'd listen to our body's when they do try to tell us what's up. Thanks for letting me read your stories. Keep up the good work.

I enjoyed "Delroy's Second Brain." Made me chuckle and held my interest all the way through. I must be doing some things wrong in my own life, since my stomach always seems to be telling me something.

Yes, I believe our bodies can tell us important things if we observe and listen to them. This was a very entertaining story, and I really enjoyed it.


"This one is too honest for my southern sensibilities...Lo!! This is so funny."

"Oh gosh, I LOVED it!!! I, of course, am a Goddess!"


In response to your question: For farming people who can't afford to hire help, the more children they have the more help they have. For those in royalty having children especially a boy, it means no worries as to who is taking the throne. As your child grows you grow with them. You notice you aren't the same person you were when you lived life not worrying about them.

I think the reason that I had children was first to complete the love between my husband and myself. To me children are love. The other reasons are selfish, I guess. I wanted a baby to hold, someone that would love me unconditionally. But that's not always the case is it? This question really made me think. I like that. I also liked this story!

I think that children are vessels for us - so that we can pass on our convictions. Even though kids rebel against their parents, I think that the important stuff that we teach them sticks with them. I think it is reassuring to know that our convictions will out last us through our children.

Good description of intimate talk between husband and wife. The purpose of children is to give back what your parents gave you. They owe you nothing, but gifts given freely are good. Interesting story and you have talent Justus.

Justus, I love your stories and I really like how your mind works. An interesting guy, you are.

Hi Justus, I just read your short story Elliot and for the second time and it makes me laugh...even though it is a short story, it hits home for a lot of people reading it and the situations they may have with what they think their kids role is in their lives.

"Wow! I think that life is all about children, instilling solid values and making life go on."


A good imagination never needs to be abandoned. A person can keep that for life but I think a person needs to learn from little on that it has it's place. A good imagination can enrich a person's life, but becomes a problem when it takes the place of reality and responsibility.

Wow...Another great story or story within a story. I say don't give up on your dreams. I have heard that life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Loved the story.

I really love how your stories are just SO full of things. They aren't just simple stories....

The Envy Joint

I just read your story it was really well written and very intriguing. I was glad the boy did learn a good lesson from his experience. I will be back to your site to read the others and will recommend it to my friends.

Wow, that was a deceiving title, it just wasn't what I thought the story would be about. Very interesting. It sure held my husband and I attention. We like to read short stories aloud and Thrillers, Sci-Fi type stories really are what my husband likes. I'm a Stephen King fan to heart. I like the setting of the story, and the characters, but, in reading it, it made you feel like it more people. even though only 3 characters were mentioned.

I read some of your stories and I'm glad I did. I read 3 of them and found them all well written with interesting endings. My favourite was the The Envy Joint because it reminded me of a Twilight Zone story. I'll return again when I find more time to read more of your stories. You are very talented.

I would absolutely, unquestionably, choose the simple life and death rather than lots of experiences and a difficult ending to my life. After all, I have a good time in my own mind.

I like all your stuff that I have read, but in this one...I think I could smell the cotton candy at one usual it gave me something to think about!

Free Love

To me, you speak of three phases of committedness to another person; superficial lust, selfish love, and pure selfless love. Lust can be fun, but is not by itself rewarding because the fun is based on fantasy and gap-fillers that the subject imputes all kinds of wonderful qualities on the object.
If lust does not evolve into pure, unselfish love, then one is in a destructive (toxic) relationship. The reciever of unearned love believes that they are profiting because he or she has "special" qualities.

"I very much liked the poem, a lot of my sentiments on the subject exactly. I'm glad I got a chance to read it."

"I enjoyed the poem and thinking about love versus lust. Real love is not free and "free" love is not love."

Good Manners

"Well this one made me laugh, Justus. Sort of a sore subject to me to hope someone appreciates my hard work, but at the same time I don't do it either."

"Good Manners" struck a note with me and I had to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed it."

The Human Jewel

"I read "The Human Jewel." This was so creative for such a short piece. I guess you touched some sensitive nerves in this one which was great to explore."

"No, I do not believe a monetary value should be assigned to the Human Jewel. It is priceless, and when offered with pride and feeling should be accorded the honor due to it."

"I enjoyed your story and poem very much."

"The Human Jewel" is a very intriguing story with a different slant on buying-selling something of value."

This story brings up the phrase the price of every thing and knows the value of nothing. Maybe a lesson to the clueless person who wants something for nothing. I loved that Justus wanted us to reflect on what our things mean to us and if they are connected to the heart in a real way, the price is worth it. You do get what you pay for. Happy Birthday are not forgotten.

Important Lives

"Loved the end. That was a great suspenseful story and I thought that an ICE PICK was going to come through the computer to me!"

"I enjoy the way in which you describe things and especially have enjoyed 'Important Lives,' the best so far."

The Killers

I just read The Killers again, after many years. I am still amazed at how you were able to painstakingly activate my senses and place me in that World War II era night club. Quite pleasurable! And quite a pleasurable finale, too.

An interesting story and one that transports the reader back in time to the 40's. I think Bob and Charlie, as young men today, experienced trying to take up where they left off but were unable to do so.

Just read The Killers. I don't know much about jazz clubs but your descriptions created vivid images of it. I got the feeling of what it must be like for a returning soldier feeling flashbacks and seeing some of the absurdities of life with other people again in "normal" mode. Battles never end but they are of a different kind. I can see why the father mailed this to his son as a preparation for the adjustment. It was great as usual to see your expertise in drawing pictures that take you to both the outside scene and the scene inside someone's mind. Thanks!


I just read Legacy (I liked it!) But I can't answer your question - I don't think either sex or economic security are dominant - I would say insecurity is.

I would think that sex is the dominant emotion here. The lad was too scared to get a real girl because he was afraid of ridicule. Just my opinion.

I think it's real hard to say which is the dominant. To a lot of guys sex is totally the dominant. I know on the other hand many girls and guys are into the economic security. I think those are the ones that really care about themselves, their reputations, and their self respect. They have goals and want to go somewhere in life. They want to achieve their best and not be a statistic.

Hi! It seems to me that the dominant emotion is insecurity on the girls part. Sexual insecurity. I loved this story! Very imaginative!

I think you are talking about economic security in this story. Nice story.

Love And Poetry

Survival instincts, are really something that doesn't go hand in hand with Love I guess. Thanks for a an interesting enjoyable read.

Wow...thought it a nice story about two people who love poetry. But about two barricudas. Justus you continue to amaze me...thanks for a great story!

Making Classes

Hi! Another thinking question! This just gets better and better! I do not think the underclass are ever accepted. Especially homeless people! They are tolerated merely because they are a part of our society, whether people like it or not!

"No, I don't think that underclass status is ever accepted. I think people have a basic need to feel better than someone else, to look down on someone and feel better about themselves and their accomplishments."

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